Suspicious Buyers Requesting Codes

We have been made aware that scammers are posing as buyers, and are asking sellers to verify they are legitimate sellers. They then have an SMS sent to the seller, and request the code from the SMS.

These buyers are not legitimate. As stated in the SMS Message, please do not share codes with anyone. There is never any reason to give the code out, no matter who has requested it.

If you are contacted by a suspicious seller who you cannot meet, or speak to, or who wants to proceed with a sale through a third party company please be cautious. If you are unsure please phone our Customer Care Team on 13 SALE (13 72 53) for assistance.

If you are engaged in any ongoing correspondence with a suspicious seller we urge you to exercise caution; do not provide any personal or financial information or part with any money in advance of taking possession of the goods.

If you think you have seen a scam or have been scammed by a buyer or seller you can contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission: 

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