What is PrivacyProtect?

Privacy Protect is an exclusive service offered by bikesales to help you keep your personal number private when selling. If Privacy Protect is included as part of your Ultimate Ad or you choose to purchase it as an add-on, your private number will be hidden on your ad completely and it will be replaced with a virtual phone number.  

Any potential buyer that rings the virtual number displayed on your ad will be redirected to the number you’ve provided us with, without the caller ever seeing your private number.  

As Privacy Protect is a landline-style number, it also eliminates the option for buyers to SMS you as a seller and prevents any potential scam text messages from getting through. 

Privacy Protect is included in our Ultimate Ad and can also be purchased for an additional $20 to add on any Standard or Premium Ad. Once it’s added to your ad, you’ll get unlimited use of Privacy Protect for 45 days. Privacy Protect is activated approximately 30 minutes after your ad has been approved. 

To purchase, extend or remove Privacy Protect, sign in to your bikesales account. You can find out more information on how to extend Privacy Protect on your ad here and you can read the full Terms & Conditions here. 



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