How to sell you bike remotely


Use the comments section of the ad
You can use the comments in your ad to manage buyers’ expectations e.g. how do you want to be contacted? Can they organise a virtual inspection? If you are not taking enquiries until after lockdown you should also advise this.

Walk-around tours of the bike in your videos
Use video alongside photos to show a 360º view of the outside of the vehicle, different angles inside or slow driving footage (make sure not to operate the bike while using your mobile phone or other device to record, and ensure you are complying with all movement restrictions where you live). Think about what you would want to know or see if you were buying a used vehicle.

Offer video chat for inspections
Video chat is a good alternative as an initial vehicle inspection. Live video gives you the ability to build trust, answer the buyer’s questions or highlight features they are most interested in.

Make your bike or yacht stand out
It might be a good time to look at how you can enhance your ad. Do your research on vehicles similar to yours on bikesales and look at how you can enhance your photos, videos or description. What could you tell or show buyers online that you would otherwise do in person?

Keep your bike maintained whilst off the water
It’s likely your bike will be in the water less often. Leaving it parked for a long period of time can impact its reliability and safety. Check out our tips on a related article keeping your car in top condition during COVID-19.

Remember your ad is online until sold
One of the benefits of selling on bikesales is that your ad will remain live until sold. It’s important to know your ad is not going anywhere and will remain online throughout the lockdown.

Need additional support?
Contact our Australian customer support team on 13 72 53. They are still on hand to answer any questions you might have related to selling during COVID-19. 

For more information on COVID-19 in Victoria and to see what it means for you,  we encourage you to visit the Department of Health website

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