My ad has been rejected, what do I do?

So you’ve submitted your ad for review but it has been rejected. Don’t stress, we’re here to help. An ad could be rejected for a few reasons.  

The first step is to check your inbox for an email from us which will detail the reason why the ad has been rejected and suggest what missing information or details which need to be amended. 


Some common reasons as to why your ad has been rejected 

  • Missing or invalid registration/VIN number
  • The price is incorrect 
  • The odometer reading is not consistent with our records or is invalid
  • Photos or video are not compliant with the terms and conditions 
  • Ad comments contain irrelevant or offensive language   

If your ad has been rejected, please refer to the email from bikesales and make the relevant changes. If your ad is still rejected after making the necessary amendments or you’re having issues making these changes, you can give our Customer Service Team a call on 13 72 53 to help get your ad up and running. 




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