How to choose the right photos for your ad

A picture paints a thousand words, and also helps you sell your bike faster. That's why on bikesales, you are able to upload as many photos to your ad as you wish. 

So selecting the best images to show off your bike is pivotal in wowing potential buyers. Here are a few tips to help lift the quality of your photos as well as a guide on which photos to choose for your ad. 


Tidy up

Remember to give your bike a clean, before taking photos to ensure it’s looking its best. Remove any unnecessary or personal items too.


Location, location, location

Choosing a good location and background is important for taking a good photo of your bike. A good starting point by choosing a nice clean background. Avoid places where cars, light poles, bins, graffiti and other objects are part of the background. Not only do objects in the background distract the buyer from focusing on your bike, they can obscure its lines and even reflect in the paintwork. 



Photos taken at night or undercover can make your bike hard to see clearly. While direct sunlight can create too much contrast for the camera and your photos will either be too dark with bright highlights, or too bright with no detail in the shadows. 
The best photos can be achieved by taking them on an overcast day where the entire bike has consistent light, or by shooting in an area of shade.  


Right angles and wrong angles

Now for possibly the most important part of taking photos for your ad, choosing the best angles. Although creativity can be an attention-grabbing point of difference, first make sure you cover off the basics in order provide enough easy to see visuals to win over buyers. 

Try to zoom in or out until the car almost fills the screen, leaving a small area around it for balance. Whatever you do, at least one shot - the ‘main’ thumbnail photo, should show the entire bike. 


We also suggest taking photos of any features, accessories or modifications your bike may have, the more detail you can provide in your photos for buyers to see, the better!

And lastly, make sure your photos are ordered in the most attractive way and rotated correctly. 


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