Should I purchase a RedBook Inspection?

Buying a used bike? You need someone you can trust in your corner. Used-bike buyers expect their purchase to provide a reasonable degree of dependable, trouble-free motoring for at least a few years.  

Most buyers are not mechanics by profession, and they may not know much about the inner workings of a bike, yet many of those buyers hand over the cash for a used vehicle without making the effort to ensure it will be reliable for their purposes. And all it takes to avoid being landed with a bike that will cost you a fortune in repairs is forking out a small sum of money and entering some details in an online form 


Buyers can arrange an informative RedBook Inspect report and save themselves the heartbreak of owning a bike that is a constant disappointment and likely to leave them stranded.  

The good people at RedBook Inspect will check the bike you’re planning to purchase for any engine faults, interior defects and pre-existing accident damage and rust. Numbered among those interior defects are climate control systems, seatbelts, locks, warning lights and other gadgets.

It’s a comprehensive package providing the peace of mind any consumer needs when buying a used bike on a budget.  

For more information or to book an inspection, visit the RedBook Inspect website. 


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