How to enhance your video

A 1 minute video can now be added to Standard, Premium and Ultimate ads on bikesales allowing you to enhance your listing and attract more buyers. 

Videos can provide extra information that is sometimes challenging to show in photos. Whether you'd like to tell a story, pitch your sale, show off a unique selling point or simply describe your bike's condition, adding a video to your ad is highly recommended. 

Here are some tips from the professionals at bikesales, to help bring your ad to life using video.



Show it off! 

Think of your bike as the star in your favourite movie, tele series or play. Show off your bike in pristine condition. For the best lighting, shoot on a cloudy day or early in the morning. Avoid harsh direct light and shooting at night.



Remove distractions 

Try not to get too caught up in the backdrop – the simpler the better. Make the bike the centre of attention. 



Some peace and quiet 

Remember to turn off the vehicle radio and avoid areas with music playing in the background. Music in your recording may be a copyright violation. Assume the buyer is watching with the sound off and ensure you can also get your message across without sound. 



Planning is key 

Videos on ads can be up to 60 seconds long so make them count by planning what you want to showcase in advance. You need to own all content and not show illegal, illicit, or offensive content. 



Steady up 

No one likes to follow a shaky video. Try your best to keep the camera steady! 



Don’t go overboard and showcase what photos can’t 

Focus on the best two or three key features of the bike. Avoid trying to squeeze in too many. Consider what a video can show that perhaps a photo can’t. For example: a powered tailgate or folding the roof on a convertible. 



Don’t be afraid to edit 

Take your video to the next level and bring out your inner artist. Adding some simple cuts and transitions can help your video stand out. 

Remember to follow the rules and guidelines for uploading videos to your bikesales listings. And finally, and most importantly, have fun with your videos, show some personality and tell a story. 



Video Specifications & Technical: 

  • Must not be longer than 60 seconds 
  • Image Ratio: 16:9 – Landscape/horizontal only. 
  • Home button on the RIGHT, video may be upside down if recorded with the home button on the left.  
  • File Format: .mp4, .mov 

For terms and conditions, refer to Clause 23 or view our bikesales Video Upload Rules. 



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