Buying from a dealer

Thinking about buying from a dealer but have some reservations? Here are some tips on why buying from a dealer may be right for you:

  • Guaranteed Title
    When you buy a bike from a licensed motor dealer, you're guaranteed the title to that vehicle. If there is any finance owing on the bike from a previous owner, it's covered by the dealer.

  • Warranty
    Dealers may offer a statutory warranty on bike's. Some will also offer extended warranties (note: these can vary between states and some have added cost).

  • Finance, Insurance, Servicing and more
    Dealers can offer more than just the bike . They're also able to offer optional extras such as finance and insurance to paint protection and accessories, sometimes at a discount. Dealers often offer workshop and servicing facilities to keep your bike running smoothly too.

  • Specialist advice
    Not sure what you're after or how far your budget will take you? Dealers can help you narrow down what options are right for you.

  • Trade in old for new
    Almost all dealers will take trade-ins, allowing you the convenience of driving in and out on the same day you pick up your new bike.

  • Bike inspections
    Dealers will often put bike's through their paces with a thorough inspection before putting them up for sale. You can also order your own independent inspection through RedBook Inspect.

  • Code of Ethics
    Dealers are often members of the Motor Trades Association in their state, and members have a strict code of ethics they operate within their business.
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