What should I do if an ad doesn’t seem quite right?

At bikesales, we take the quality of advertisements on our website very seriously and always want to make sure every experience bike buyers and sellers across Australia have with us is of the highest standard.  

While our team do their best to quality check all ads, occasionally some might appear on site that might not seem quite right. If you do notice that an ad appears to be wrong in any way you can report it to our administration team for review. 


What to look out for 

Here are some things to look out for in an ad that needs to be reported for review:  

  • The details of the bike don’t seem to match the bike pictured 
  • The seller is giving misleading information such as the price of the vehicle or odometer reading 
  • The seller is not the owner of the vehicle 
  • The content in the seller’s ad infringes your intellectual property rights e.g. copyright 
  • The vehicle in the ad has been sold 

In some cases, the ad will be removed after our team reviews it. If so, we’ll work with the seller to ensure that the ad meets our standards before it is reposted. 

You can report an ad by following these easy steps. 



How to report an ad on desktop 

  1. On the ad in question, scroll to the bottom of the page. You’ll see an exclamation mark (!) and text that reads Report this ad. Select this button.  


  2. A pop up box will appear on your screen asking you for some further details about the ad you wish to report. 




How to report an ad on the app 

  1. On Mobile devices you’ll see the words Report this ad in bold blue text. Select this button. 
  2. A pop up box will appear on your screen asking you for some further details about the ad you wish to report. 

    App01.jpg   App02.jpg

Firstly select the category you feel this ad sits in; 

  • Suspected fraud or scam 
  • Advert infringes intellectual property (eg. copyright) 
  • Incorrect or misleading 
  • Sold 
  • No response from seller 

Then you will be able to fill in your details and comment on the ad. While filling in these fields is not compulsory, we won’t be able to keep you informed on the progress of the reported ad with any contact details. 

Please add as much detail in the comments field about the nature of your report as you can. This will help our staff in their review of the reported ad. 

3. Hit the submit button, and your report will be sent on to our team who will review the ad in question for any issues. 

And you’re done! Thank you for helping us maintain high standards on bikesales. 



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