What should I know before selling my bike?

You've decided to list your bike for sale on bikesales but what should you do before creating your ad and attracting a buyer? Here are a few tips to help you prepare your bike for sale and give you the best chance of selling quickly and at the best price. 


Make sure your bike is up to date with servicing and consider doing some low cost repairs 

Small improvements like touching up scratches, dents or fixing any broken parts aren't time consuming and could boost the appearance and asking price of your bike dramatically. 


Check if you need a roadworthy certificate 

In some states and territories, you will be required to provide a roadworthy certificate before selling your bike. It’s a good idea to check with your local road authority to ensure you have all the necessary documentation to make for a smooth sale. Find out more on roadworthy certificates here. 


Give your bike a good clean 

As simple as it sounds, giving your bike a good clean can make a really big difference to the success of selling it. Presentation is everything so ensure you also remove any personal items and consider spending a bit of extra money on a professional detail clean.


Contact your finance provider 

If your bike is currently under finance, you should contact your finance provider to arrange for it to be paid out upon saleFind out more on selling a bike with finance remaining here 


Take some quality images of your bike for the ad 

A picture paints a thousand words, and also helps you sell your bike faster. That's why on bikesales, you are able to upload as many photos to your ad as you wish. So selecting the best images to show off your bike is pivotal in wowing potential buyers. Find out more on how to choose the right photos for your ad here. 


Create your ad on bikesales

Now that you’ve prepared your bike for sale and have taken some great photos, it’s now time to create your ad on bikesales. There are several ad packages available to help find your bike a new home. It’s easy to get started. Find out more on how to create an ad here. 


Monitor your ad’s performance 

Once your ad has been approved and is up on bikesales, you will receive weekly ad performance emails to keep you across how your ad is goingIf your ad is not attracting as many views as you’d like or hasn’t received many enquiries, there are some helpful tips to improve the performance


Know how to manage enquiries 

Once your ad is live on bikesales, you’ll start to receive enquiries from potential buyers. To avoid being caught off guard, it’s a good idea to have a list prepared about your bikes history. Include details such as your bikes odometer reading, service records, number of previous owners, colour and extra features and make a note of any minor damages to reportFind out more about using the bikesales member message function here. 

Good luck!




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